Friday, June 7, 2019

Health care Essay Example for Free

Health care EssayLeaders are the key tidy sum for any organizations success, for they play an important role in directing and influencing how employees survey. Leaders shoot a lot to do in secern to promote healthy behavior by employees for instance in a health organization, leaders need to influence workers in away such that they give their healthy behavior at hand. Since health is a very sensitive issue, it needs a lot of concentration as pertains the behaviors of the employees. Leaders need to loading financial incentives to the workforce to encourage health behavior. This incentive tends to upgrade the health of the employee by reduction in the risk that he/she would have faced. This also have an impact on the target and efficiency on the output. For a health organization for instance, workers go away produce better result for they are comfort sufficient. There should be provision of tools that encourage safety and tumefyness. This helps to improve the health of the worker throughout the working period. With general fitness, the worker is healthy at the same time able to behave well when it comes to delivering, urgency and proficiency.Leaders need to involve senior management in promoting emotional health and productivity. Since the management is the one that is much final stage to the workforce and are the ones implementing strategies, in campaigning for this will make it possible for the out come to be a good healthy behavior from the work force. Leaders need to offer economic incentives for the betterment of the lives of the workers. When it comes to economic wellbeing, one needs to access social amenities with ease.When assisting workers in their workload as providers of their houses through gaining from the economies of scale the health organization gets, workers will access appliances easily thus enabling them to get what they need utmost cheaply. This will make their life well as they have the full diet affordably thus better health. Be tter health leads to better behavior. Leaders need to educate employees on safety at work. This tends to ensure they get to know how to handle things with care as health organization tend to operate with lots of risky items.With their knowledge on this, they will tend to observe correct protocol with respect thus remaining discipline. With correct protocol follower, they will never be infected thus which meaning they are adhering to the healthy behavior taught by the responsible body. Health care is a broad field that deals with lives of individuals. For the preparation of interviews, many areas need to be cover for the exact and discrete information to be unveiled. For my analysis, I will consider my interview questions directed to the health care interviewees. It will be categorized into five dollar bill major items that need to be emphasized on.

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